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Jennica | December 28, 2023 | Updated on: January 2nd, 2024

Embark on a magical journey to foreign lands with Ivan and the Immortal King pokie. Created by the masters at Quickspin, this pokie features spectacular scenery, perfectly illustrated symbols, and easy gameplay. It’s a romantic and daunting fairytale-themed pokie with the classic story of good vs evil. We have a brave hero, a beautiful damsel, and an evil wizard battling it out on five reels. Join us now for an exceptional adventure where you could walk away with massive stacks of cash loot.

Theme of Ivan and the Immortal King

Ivan and the Immortal King pokie is based on a timeless Russian folk tale filled with magic, heroes, evil kings, and more gold than you can carry. The malicious King Koschei is deemed to be immortal as he hides his soul in nested objects. He hides his soul in a needle, in an egg, in a duck, in a hare, and they all live inside a chest. Ivan has to break the needle to slay the immortal king. Polish your sword, and prepare for battle. The adventure is about to begin.

Gameplay of Ivan and the Immortal King

Ivan and the Immortal King pokie is a classic Quickspin game. The orange action tabs stand ready for battle, and the detailed illustrations are crisp and colourful. The background is a lush forest with intricate elements like a sword amidst mushrooms, fire feathers, and an enchanted grotto. The reels are suspended in a carved, wooden frame, with the multiplier blocks stacked on the left. The handy paytable also clearly outlines all the symbols and winning possibilities.


Baba Yaga Surprise Feature

Watch your head! This enigmatic witch is about to fly over, and no one knows if she’s here to help or cause chaos. She usually shows up when you’re short of scatter symbols. Suppose she’s in a good mood; she’ll hide four random symbols, which can either turn into bonus scatters in normal rounds or progress scatter in free spins. A random paying symbol can also be activated, which will replace all hidden symbols, virtually guaranteeing riches.

Special Symbols

Bonus Scatter

The bonus scatters a luxurious blue and gold box represent a symbol. Three or more of these symbols trigger the free spins bonus.

Progress Scatter

The progress scatters symbol is represented by a golden skull coin. Collect enough of these symbols during the free spins round to increase multipliers, and get extra free spins.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is represented by the golden tablet with the word ‘WILD’ in red emblazoned on it. This symbol will substitute all symbols except the bonus scatter and the progress scatter.

Play Ivan and the Immortal King Today

Ivan and the Immortal King pokie is a wild adventure with rich details and a fantastic back story. Join the adventure today with epic bonuses from top Quickspin casino sites.