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Jennica | December 24, 2023 | Updated on: March 13th, 2024

Blackjack TipsBlackjack tips help players’ develop a strategy that increases their game performance. Blackjack tips are a good way to get familiar with the online casino game if you’re a new player. A veteran player will have all the means to place a good hand on a blackjack dealer with a confident strategy and card knowledge. However, a new player will want to get to know the dos and don’ts of what seems to be an intimidating yet thrilling game.

Playing online has the same rules that a land-based casino would have. There are bonuses and promotions on offer for new and veteran blackjack players that they can cash in and claim. The RTP is maybe one of the highest in some casinos, which explains why this game is so popular online. General blackjack tips and terms will help each and every player become confident when dealing with their bets at stake.

Casinos with the Best Blackjack Tips

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How Blackjack Basic Strategy Works

During the 1950s, a group of four US Army engineers pioneered the development of basic strategy for blackjack. Initially, they utilized basic adding machines to determine the most advantageous playing approach. Over time, this method evolved with the integration of computer technology, enabling the simulation of millions of blackjack hands. The culmination of these efforts resulted in the creation of the blackjack strategy chart, a tool designed to offer players clear guidance on optimal decision-making.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that while basic strategy serves to diminish the house advantage, it doesn’t guarantee profitability in either the short or long term. Rather, its purpose lies in enhancing the player’s odds of minimizing losses. Despite the reduction in the casino’s edge, the unpredictability of short-term outcomes persists, and luck remains a significant factor in the game of blackjack.

Get to Know Blackjack Rule Variants

Use blackjack tips to increase game performance and go for twenty-one. The aim of blackjack is to beat the dealer with a hand of twenty-one or less. It sounds simple, but with a few dos and don’ts, it’s good to know how to get there. Familiarize yourself with these blackjack rules and strategies, and you could end up playing the big leagues.

Betting Rules

Order of play: Placing a bet is how you start the round. Once you have placed the bet, the dealer will give you two face-up cards, and they will have two cards. One faced down, and the other is faced up.

Card Values

As blackjack goes, the player will need to get to the number 21 as much as they can. The card values all stand the same, given their numbers. The only thing to note is Ace could be 1 or 11, and the King, Queen, Jack cards are worth points of 10.

Hit or Stand

Once a player receives their cards, they have the option to hit or stand. Hit allows a player to receive an additional card, while the stand is fairly straight forward.

The thing to remember is developing strategies and techniques can help you play as well as possible. Here is an overview of some advanced tips that could get you there. Familiarize yourself with the terminology, and it should come to you naturally.

Double Down

At this stage in the game, when you are between the points of 9 and 11, you can double your bet. If you go for this option, the dealer will give you one more card.


A player can create two separate hands by splitting their cards, however, there needs to be another bet on the second hand. This way, you will receive a new hand of two face-up cards.


You can opt for insurance if the dealer has shown you an ace. This eventually pays out the dealer if the has a blackjack.


Certain online blackjack variants offer this option. This is only if you don’t like the hand. You can give it back and receive half of your bet.

Side Bets

Some online casinos will offer side bets in their blackjack games. Regardless of the outcome, you can still get a payout. It is common to get side bets that are player and dealer pairs or 21+3.


Some online casino Blackjack tables allow you to play five hands at once.

Take a good look at this example of understanding the strategy of handling a good blackjack game and learning when to split your pair. 

Your HandWhen to Split vs. the Dealer
2’s, 3’s4 through 7
4’s, 5’s, 10’sNever
6’s3 through 6
7’s2 through 7
9’s2 through 6, 8 or 9

Best Blackjack Tips

Types of Blackjack Games

The blackjack tips will help a player get to know the terms of blackjack; it’s also a good idea to know the different variants’ that online casinos have on offer. Players will find some differences in the variants, especially the veterans; however, the same principles apply. The main variants people opt to play at online casinos are European Blackjack and American Blackjack. Players will find that those classics pair nicely with live dealer blackjack, which is a pretty good stand-in for the old land-based table game.

American Blackjack Tips

The basic rules of blackjack never change no matter where you are playing. American blackjack casinos do have certain rules that differ slightly and also produce better odds than European Blackjack. No matter which variant of blackjack a player is on, the goal is to beat the dealer by 21 and no more. The dealer gets both cards right away, which can be intimidating.

You can expect three different types of payouts in American blackjack, and there are ways to deal with the strategy for this variant. A gambler’s strategy can be influenced by various card counting guides and strategy guides to help players, especially new ones, develop a more confident game.

European Blackjack tips

European Blackjack has been compared to other variants and how they hold their value against those variants. In mainstream blackjack games, the dealer is allowed to look at the hole-card if blackjack is a possibility, whereas European blackjack does not allow the dealer that move. American blackjack tips differ to this as in European blackjack, the dealer only gets one card and plays on another once the player has made a decision.

Think carefully about the moves and especially when dealing with the insurance. Sometimes it may look appealing, especially to new players, but it’s best to weigh out all options when rules are confidently applied. Blackjack has variants all over, and some of the popular games in Australia have hit the blackjack community, and they are as follows:

  • Spanish 21
  • Switch
  • Pontoon
  • Double Attack

You can find these at all types of Australian online casinos. There are a few rule changes in each one of them; make sure to find out what the rules are like, what the bonuses and wagering requirements are before you start playing.

Odds and Payouts

If the house edge is relatively low, depending on the casino, then most bets would come out best at a 1:1 ratio. For example, if you make a $1 and win, you will win $1. What does come with this gaming logic are three exceptions (that excludes side bets):

  • Blackjack: If a player makes 3:2 in blackjack, and if they make a bet of $1, they will win $2.50.
  • Insurance: Some casinos will pay out 2:1. A player would have to buy a $1 insurance, and the dealer could have a blackjack, the player would win $3 from insurance.
  • Tie: Some veteran players would know this as a push. When the player and dealer are showing the same card value, the player receives their bet back.

Blackjack House-edge

This blackjack terminology could come across as confusing to the new gambler on the board. This is quite an important term for the casino game wherever you may be. It places an advantage based on statistics to the casino rather than to the player. Knowing that the dealer has complete potential to have the last hand, they can then see your cards, actions, and potential mishaps. Now different casinos online will vary when it comes to the percentage of the house edge, especially on the type of blackjack that is played. If you, as a player, want to be able to utilize the house-edge rule, you will need to become familiar with the blackjack rules and strategies.

House edge percentage

The ideal Blackjack house edge percentage in casinos is  0.5%. The fewer decks that a casino site offers during the blackjack game, the better it is for the player. The standard number of decks a player could expect in online casinos is roughly eight. This is determined by the player and how well they use their blackjack strategies. It could be extremely high and potentially risky for those not accustomed to all blackjack formulas. The more experienced casino veterans would be able to reduce the house edge by sticking to their strategy. It’s important from this point that a new player researches guides and tables to set a solid strategy to avoid a higher house-edge percentage.


These blackjack tips are here to help you perform in the absolute best way to win real money. Players can follow the casino on the variants that they offer and the bonuses that come with it. Another blackjack tip is that you can play it safe with a free blackjack game that won’t lose you any money.

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