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Poker Odds Guide for Dummies

best poker oddsPoker odds often scare off players from the game. The math seems intense, so people feel afraid and move on to the next game. We’re not going to lie – there is a bit of math. However, it is so simple that even you should have no issue with it even if you suffer from dyscalculia.

Understanding how poker odds work is important because it helps you plan your next bet. Odds tell you whether you should call a hand, discard a card, or fold. If you calculate your moves effectively, you should win more hands overall. So, read on below and start learning all you need to know about poker odds.

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What are Poker Odds?

Poker odds serve multiple purposes. The can:

  • Illustrate the likelihood you are to win or lose.
  • Tell you when you need the best hand to call a bet.
  • The likelihood of completing a hand.

Understanding online poker odds has a fair number of advantages. Probably, the biggest of all is that it gives you insight on whether to keep betting on a hand. This will cut your losses before you lose your entire bankroll often.

When to Call a Bet – Poker Odds

You call a bet when you want to match another player’s aggressive play. Although the action is not aggressive in itself, you are ensuring you stay in the game. Whether you choose to call an opponent’s bet is based on the outlook of your hand and its odds going forward.

Generally, you can calculate the odds on each hand you play by taking the number of unseen cards and dividing the number by the number of seen options. For example, if you have got a pair of queens and there are none in the flop, the ratio is 45:2.

This means that one of the 45 of the remaining cards could be a queen. However, it is important to consider other player hands too when making decisions. If you are playing a game where some of the other player hands are revealed, you have a better understanding of your odds of getting a queen, which is why payouts are often lower in these games.

poker odds explained

Poker Odds for Common Hand Combinations

Odds for poker hand combinations vary based on the type of game you play. Generally, if you play a seven-card game, you are more likely to see better hands frequently. Here are the odds/probabilities of getting common poker hand combinations in a standard five-card draw game.

Royal Flush0.000154%
Straight Flush0.00139%
Full House0.1441%
Straight Flush0.3925%
Two Pair4.7539%
One Pair42.2569%
High Card50.1177%

Poker Odds – FAQs

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