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Poker Glossary – Poker Terms You Need to Know

poker termsThere are tons of unique poker terms players need to learn to participate in the game. There are many essential words to gameplay; then there are others that may help you ingratiate yourself in the online poker community (you won’t look like a noob).

Below we go through all the poker terms you are most likely to encounter while playing a poker game professionally or with your friends. So, go through our list and get the lowdown on poker lingo.

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Poker Terms: A-C

Here are the poker terms between A-C you need to know when you play at online casinos:


An ante is a small bet you need to make before a new hand is dealt. It is similar to a blind, but every player needs to place an ante. The ante bet ensures that the pot has a value should anyone win the game.


A backdoor refers to seeing the cards you need to complete a hand appear in the river. For example, finishing a straight with two cards in the river. Such a hand would be referred to as a backdoor straight.

Bad Beat

A bad beat refers to a situation where a player who has a statistical lead over another loses the advantage with one of the community card draws.

Big Blind

The big blind is the biggest bet placed before a hand is dealt. Usually, it is placed by the second player on the left of the dealer. The bet got its name because it is a blind bet – you place it before seeing any of your cards.


The amount players need to pay to participate in a tournament. Usually, in professional tournaments, this amount is about 20 times the small blind.

poker glossary


The amount you need to place in the pot to ensure you can keep participating in a hand.


To pass on a betting round. You check if you don’t want to raise the bet.


If you check-raise, you pass on the first option to bet. However, you increase the bet amount the next time you get the opportunity to bet during the same betting round.

Community Cards

These are the cards used to complete every player’s hand. The cards are laid out in the centre of the table so that every player can see.

Poker Terms: D-F

Here are the poker terms between D-F you need to know:


The dealer is the person who deals each player’s cards.

Dealer Button

If you are playing in a live poker game, the role of the dealer shifts between players. The dealer button is used to signify the dealer.


You “draw” when you call or raise the bet to see a card you need to complete a hand. If you complete the hand, it will be called a draw hand. For example, a straight becomes a draw straight.


The flop refers to the first three community cards dealt by the dealer in a community card game like Texas Hold’em. The flop comes after the first bet has been placed.


A hand where all cards are of the same suit.

poker words


To give up on a hand. You lose your entire bet up until that point. Only fold if you really think your hand won’t win.


A poker hand consisting of four cards of the same kind. For example, four queens.

Full House

A poker hand consisting of a three-of-a-kind and a pair.

Poker Terms: G-L

Here are the poker terms between G-L you need to know:


A hand is the five cards that determine whether you win or lose a game. It can be made up of pocket or community cards.

High Card

A high card hand is a hand with one high-ranking card and no other combinations.


This is a slang term for calling on a betting round. It is to taunt another player for not being aggressive.


A structured poker game where bets move up fixedly and incrementally.

Live Bet

Another slang term for calling. Another term used to taunt players who are not aggressive.

Poker Terms: N-R

Here are the poker terms between N-R you need to know:


A poker game that features no limits on how much you can bet. There is a minimum you are required to bet, but no maximum.

poker definition


A hand featuring two of the same type of card. For example, two queens.


The area of the table where players place all their bets. You win the pot if you win the hand.

Pot Odds

The ratio of money in the pot compared to what you need to bet to keep playing.


When you bet more than what is required for a particular hand, for example, a call may only require you to bet $5, but instead, you bet $10.


The last card featured in the set of community cards.

Royal Flush

A straight going including A, K, Q, J, and 10 all in the same suit. It is the best hand in the game.

Poker Terms: S-Z

Here are the poker terms between S-Z you need to know:


The final phase of a hand. Everyone shows each other their hands, and the winner is decided.

Side Pot

This is a second pot of cash that can be started to supplement the overall pot. You can only win it if you contributed towards the final pot.

Small Blind

This is the second blind bet. It is placed by the player to the immediate left of the dealer.


A hand with five sequential cards (for example, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10), but not in the same suit.


Another player’s indicator that they have a good or a bad hand. For example, a player could put their hand on their head when it is a bad hand.


A poker event where players pay buy-ins to participate and only the top 10% of all players win a prize.


The fourth community card. It is added to the table after the flop and before the river.

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