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What are 3-Reel Pokies?

3 Reel PokiesPokies is a slang term for slot machines. 3-reel pokies, also known as one-armed bandits, are among the most popular casino games online and at land-based casinos. Online pokies are the virtual form of traditional machines. These machines are much easier to use as everything is done at a click of a button, but they are just as exciting.

The first pokie was called ‘The Liberty Bell’ and was invented in 1895 by Charles Fey. The Liberty consisted of 3-reel with one payline. The pokie machine’s symbols included Heart, Spades, Diamonds, Stars, a Horseshoe, and Liberty Bell. To activate the reels, players would insert a coin into the coin slot and then pull the lever on the machine’s side.

Top 3-Reel Pokies Online


$10,000 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.5/5

98% Payout

$10,000 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.5/5

$5,000 Bonus

97.6% Payout

Rating: 4.5/5

97.6% Payout

$5,000 Bonus 97.6% Payout - Rating: 4.5/5

$1,000 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.5/5

98% Payout

$1,000 98% Payout - Rating: 4.5/5

$9,000 Bonus

97% Payout

Rating: 4/5

97% Payout

$9,00 Bonus 97% Payout - Rating: 4/5

$5,500 Bonus

98% Payout

Rating: 4.5/5

98% Payout

$5,500 Bonus 98% Payout - Rating: 4.5/5

What is a 3-Reel Pokie?

Three reel pokies are a gambling machine containing only three rotating reels. You will set the reels in motion by placing your bets and pressing the spin button.

The objective is to line up matching symbols on the single payline. The paytable on the side of the screen will give you a breakdown of how much each symbol will payout. The most popular symbols found in three-reel pokies include Bars, 7’s, Diamonds, Cherries, Oranges, and Bells.

Three-reel pokies come with a number of different paylines. Players can bet up to three coins per payline. The number of coins you wager per line will change your payout.

Win with 3-Reel Pokies

How to Win with 3-Reel Pokies

Pokie games are among the easiest games to master at an online casino. There are no strategies or tips you can use to impact the outcome of the game. To start playing, you will place your bet and spin the reels. When the reels come to a stop, any winning combination will appear on the screen. Before you start playing, you will view the paytable to understand the symbols and the payouts for each. There will also be a section where you can see the bonus features and how to activate them. Each pokie game will come with its own theme, symbols, and features. If you are playing the game for the first time, it is probably worth your while going through this information.

How to Play Pokies

  • Find a pokie game that grabs your attention.
  • Go through the paytable section to see the game’s symbols and how much they will payout. You will also see if there are any additional bets needed to unlock special features.
  • Select a bet amount.
  • Then you are ready to spin the reels and see if you are a winner.
  • If you land a winning combination, it will appear on the screen.
  • You will receive the payout for any winning combination before you can place your next bets.

Types of 3-Reel pokies

3-reel 1-line

As the name of this type of 3 reel machine suggests, it only comes with one payline. It is the most basic machine you can play online and closely resembles the Liberty Bell machine. There is nothing complicated to the machines with only one line to worry about and no bonus features. They are great for new players or players who just like to keep things simple.

3-reel 3-line

Three-reel pokies with three lines have lots of offers with more ways to win. The classic machines come with a few simple bonus features and more betting options. They are a great choice for players looking for a well-craft pokie machine and great payouts.

3-reel 5-line

5 payline three-reel pokie machines are the most advanced classic machines you will find online. They offer a substantial amount of bonus features where you can pocket some great bonus payouts. Some of the bonus features you will find include: free spins, rolling reels, cascading reels, and multipliers.

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