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Best Roulette Tips and Strategies

Utilise the best roulette tips to up your gambling game. Australia has some of the best casino sites that offer online roulette variants for all player preferences. Learn roulette tips and tricks on how to increase your chances of winning real money by using the right strategy and some luck. Be aware of what kind of bets to make, how you’re going to play, and what strategy will work for you over time. The table game in Australian land-based casinos has come online in different variants for a player’s guilty pleasure. The roulette tips will review online roulette basics, strategies, and how a player can use these tips to guide them through to win and beat the odds.

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The Roulette Basics

Roulette tips will cover the ‘all you need to know’ basics of the game. The standard wheel has black and red numbers with the dealer behind the action. All a player has to do is decide which variant they want to play. The most popular variants of Roulette in Australia is European Roulette, American Roulette, and the live dealer roulette.  A veteran player will know the differences between the variants, so it’s important for a beginner to really get to know the classic rules.

A roulette wheel will have a standard of 37 or 38 numbers. It depends if there is a double zero, which is found in American Roulette.  The numbers on the wheel are listed in alternated blocks of black and red, and the zeros are in green. The online table game has a dealer or croupier that spins the wheel as the ball makes its round. The ball will fall into a pocket of a number, and you either win or lose.

How to place roulette bets

A beginner should learn by betting small before they bet across the board. The board is made up of three columns of 12 with red and black colors of the wheel. A player has the option to bet their chips on several numbers across the board as opposed to one which has its pros and cons.

There are a few things to remember about roulette bets:

  1. The street bet is when a player bets on three numbers in a row, starting with the left column.
  2. The corner bet is when the player bets on four numbers
  3. The split bet is when a player bets on two numbers
  4. The line bet is when the player bets on six numbers
  5. The inside bet is when players can bet on a small group of numbers or single numbers. This type of betting is one of the hardest, but the reward is the greatest.
  6. The outside bet is when players can bet on bigger groups of numbers that go with odds or evens, red or black. This method of betting is one of the easiest and has a lower reward.

Types of roulette strategies

Things to remember with online Roulette are the types of strategies that a player needs to have in order to peak their performance. There are several to go through, and two important betting systems that work with these strategies.

Progressive betting

This type of strategy was developed around the concept of increasing the size of the player’s bet after seeing the outcome of a round.

Martingale betting

This is one of the most popular betting strategies in roulette gambling. This strategy recommends that a player doubles their bet after a loss. It’s a straightforward strategy, and it is considered to be easy to use for beginners. It is, however, not used by veteran players as it’s a super risky strategy.

The Paroli System

This type of system, opposite of the martingale system, recommends a player doubles their bet after every win. It seems this method is a lot less risky than the Martingale.  It does feel like playing with the casino’s money; however, in reality, it is not the case.

Both of these strategies are steep progressions. It’s a good way to work with outside bets and probably a good way to compensate for any losses. It is also a quick way to reach the table limit before you’ve made any lost money back.

Non-Progressive betting

James Bond Strategy

This type of strategy is a little nicer to deal with. The player is either allowed to change or keep their bets throughout the game. This strategy is known as the James Bond strategy. This covers half of the bets on the table which in turn favor.

Called and announced bets

Neighboring numbers is another good tactic to use. A player would split their bet and place it on five numbers that are next to one another on the roulette wheel. Betting on a certain number lets the player wager on the neighboring numbers, which could be a good idea. It increases the chances of winning if the ball doesn’t hit the number you’ve chosen.

Roulette Variants

Roulette tips will help you identify the types of Roulette you would want to get to know better. A player needs to remember to read the rules and conditions of each variant to get accustomed, as each game offers the standard rules with small changes. The more popular variants online that players opt for is American and European Roulette.

American Roulette

This is where the double zero comes in.  The double zero drastically increases the house-edge advantage. Many players from Australia and all over will opt for the European Roulette because of the lower house edge.

European Roulette

European Roulette offers a single zero pocket.  The lower house edge means that players stand a much better chance of winning. This is why most players online will find this variant more appealing to play.

Live Dealer Roulette

One of the most popular online casino games for Aussie players. This game offers the same real-time experience with a live dealer that you would find at a land-based casino. The clear graphics and live stream will make the roulette experience so much more real and inviting. The software and communication allow a player to have access to the action of the game.

Odds and Payouts

The player has an increased chance of winning to bet on the 1:1 options like the red/black or even/odd. The bigger payouts come with bigger risks where a player bets on a single number with odds available up to 35:1. The best part of it is the player gets to choose the style of betting.

Roulette Tips Overview

Here are a few tips to remember when you’re playing online Roulette:

  1. Try the variations of Roulette, especially the European Roulette. You have a better chance of winning without the double zero.
  2. Land-based casino visits are a great way to familiarize yourself with the game online.
  3. Make use of the strategies and play carefully. The strategy is the player’s bible in the game and must be dealt with confidently.
  4. Practice makes perfect by finding free online roulette games.
  5. Don’t go betting all the payouts
  6. Always play at trustworthy casinos

Roulette Support

The strategies and rules can be overwhelming to a newcomer.  It is important to familiarize yourself with the conditions that each casino will have in place before you start. There will be information online to guide you through and help you understand.

In-Game Help: There will be an option from your chosen casino that allows you to select help. All your queries and concerns about online Roulette can be answered here.

Customer Support: The casino you chose will definitely offer you customer support. The team behind this will help you with any issues or queries you might have with Roulette. The options are listed on the casino sites in the forms of FAQs, Live chats, E-mails, contact forms, and phone.

Roulette Tips: FAQ’s

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