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Video Poker Myths – Common Superstitions About the Game

video poker myths It’s no surprise that you’ll come across video poker myths. This misinformation spreads like wildfire because players are always curious about certain aspects of the game. You don’t want to fall for such superstitions because they will set you back.

We have gone out of our way to give you answers to the most common video poker myths and misconceptions. So, be informed and read our complete guide to differentiate what’s true or false before playing at a recommend casino.

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Top 10 Video Poker Myths

There are many superstitions about video poker that we bumped into. However, we had to filter the information to make sure that we cover the most common video poker myths. This comes after playing the game and talking to other players.  Take a look at the top 10 video poker myths:

1.      Wait for the Video Poker Machine to Hit a Big Payout

Some players believe that if a video poker machine hasn’t taken out a massive payout it will do so soon. This conclusion is ridiculous because you can’t  predict the exact time when the game will hit the big win. The hands a dealt at random and you can change or know what they will be. Therefore, don’t waste your money playing the game waiting for that big payout because truth is, you’ll be disappointed.

2.      Video Poker RTP is Controlled by Casinos

False, a mistake that gamblers make is thinking that casinos can switch the games RTP at any given moment. This is because they want to know more about the inner operations of the machine. The fact that they don’t understand everything about how the machine works makes them develop their own theories.

The truth is that the video poker game RTP can’t be determined by the casino. You need to remember that casinos are regulated. The gambling authorities ensure gameplay is fair and everything runs accordingly. Casinos have licenses and won’t put their reputation on the line just to make extra cash.

3.      Video Poker Machine Going Hot and Cold

Video poker machines that are hot or cold don’t exists because the game uses a random number generator. The problem starts from not understanding how RNG works. Cards from the machine are controlled by RNG and there are many card combinations that come out randomly. Sometimes luck will be on your side and you’ll win but also welcome loses.

4.      Max Bets Are the Best Way to Go

True, making maximum bets to some degree can work in your favour. You will be dealt with be dealt with better hands and a large bonus will be paid out for royal flushed when you place max bets. Even though royal flushes don’t show up often, this bonus reduces the house edge in the long term.

5.      On Weekends and Holidays Video Poker Machines Pay Less

This is not the truth because casinos usually get busy on weekends and holidays. It would be unethical for the casino to tamper with the results and risk losing their license. It’s funny how players have come up with the idea that the casino lowers the odds during this time. As a result, the casino will make more money. We suggest that you don’t entertain this thought because it will take out the fun in your gaming experience.

myths about video poker

6.      Games that Payback 100% Guarantee Wins

False. It’s good to go for a video poker game that pays out 100% but that doesn’t mean you will always win. The reality is that the casino game is programmed to produce fair and different results but you still stand a good chance of winning.

7.      You Can Make a Good Living From Video Poker

Based on a few people who actually take video poker as a profession we’d say this statement is false. It’s difficult to make a living just playing the game because the income is inconsistent. Should you be interested in taking this route you’ll need to be disciplined and have a huge bankroll.

This means spending a lot of time mastering the casino game. A good strategy will also need to be in place. Honestly, it’s better to have a regular job that has a steady income which allows you to play video poker on a budget.

8.      Video Poker is Rigged

No, real money video poker is not rigged because it uses a random number generator (RNG) for a fair outcome. It’s crucial to play the game at a credible online casino. Most casinos will offer types of video poker games that you can explore.

9.      You Don’t Have to Check the Pay Table

False, you always have to look at the pay table for variations of video poker to know the payout. There is nothing wrong with going for machines that pay better. Although the pay table may give you an idea of the best paying game, it doesn’t scratch out having a great strategy.

10. Video Poker is a Difficult Game to Learn

False, video poker is not a difficult game to learn but requires some skill. Firstly, you can read our guide about the rules of the game. The best way to understand a game such as this one is to practice. You’ll notice that casinos offer free video poker to allow players to test the game and improve their skills. Afterwards, you can play the game for real money at trusted casino sites and maybe win.

We hope that this guide gives you a better understanding of what is true and false when it comes to video poker. Another point, the web has many articles and video poker myths. It may become difficult to know which site to trust that why we’ve done all the work for you.

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