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Essential Video Poker Tips to Win

best video poker tips With the best video poker tips under your sleeve, you stand a better chance of winning. Although a win may not be guaranteed, randomly playing the game and hoping to make a profit won’t get you anywhere. If you want to make some cash playing the casino game, you’ll need to use our top video poker tips and tricks.

It’s always a good idea to play the game with a goal in mind. However, you shouldn’t take it too seriously because sometimes luck won’t be on your side. Let’s see how we can help you beat the video poker machine.

Best Video Poker Casino Sites


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Top 10 Video Poker Tips and Tricks

1.      Understand Video Poker Rules

Before we go anywhere, you have to learn the rules of the game. Variants of video poker are based on of five card draw poker which is something you should keep in mind.

The casino game is played with 52-card deck. You’ll place a bet and then press the Deal button to receive five random cards from the machine. Select the cards you want to discard and keep. When you press the draw button, it will randomly substitute the card you’ve discarded. Hopefully you end up with a winning poker hand. It may be a royal flush, straight or two pairs to name a few.

2.      Make the Right Move to Build a Winning Video Poker Hand

The five cards that are dealt to you are very important. You must make a wise choice on which cards remain and those that will be discarded. If you make the best decision with your dealt five cards you stand a good chance of winning video poker.

Always take note of the pay table because the amount you win for each hand relies on it and the value of your hand. Research the ideal pay table so you know your expected returns. It’s best to go with a pay table that has a 99% return instead of one that offers 97%.

3.      Play Free Video Poker Before Real Money Games

We all love free games! Now, here’s your opportunity to put your skills to the test by playing video poker for fun. This way you can become better at the game. There are a number of online casinos that offer the game for free and have a range of games to choose from. One more thing, this is a good way to see if your strategy will work or not.

4.      Have a Video Poker Strategy that Works

When you come up with a great video poker strategy, you’ll need to do your research. The basic aspect of creating a winning plan is that you need to know how to build the right hand. So, don’t risk separating a winning hand in hopes for something greater, such a move can cost you your profit.

5.      Bankroll Management

There is nothing better than playing video poker online knowing that you have a budget. The whole idea of saving money to play a specific game like video poker is knowing that you’re a responsible gambler. This means you spend within your means and when you have run out of cash you know that it’s game over. Honestly, there is no pressure in winning. The basic idea of playing casino games such as this one is to relieve stress and have a great time.

essential video poker tips and tricks

6.      Start with Jacks or Better

You may be new to the game and are excited to start playing. Wait! You’ll need to be a little patient and play Jacks or Better which is a low variance and easy to grasp. It’s a good game if you want to consistently win money. The pay table on the other side of the coin is simple.  Soon, you’ll understand the game better and move on to other types. Have a look at gambling sites that offer a variety of video poker games.

7.      Check Out Forums

A video poker forum is a great platform that will give you answers to your most burning questions. Here, you find strategies, best games and many other things related to video poker. On the other hand, we have a video poker frequently asked questions page that can help you get answers.

8.      Find the Best Variation of Video Poker at Trusted Casinos

We have top-rated casinos that offer different types of video poker games to enjoy. Once you play a game you’ll be tempted to move on to others. It’s crucial to play the casino game at reliable gambling sites such as ours.  Listed below are the top 10 casinos online that partner with magnificent software provides to offer the best video poker variants:

  1. Jackpot Jill
  2. King Johnnie
  3. Kings Chance Casino
  4. Raging Bull Casino
  5. CasinoNic
  6. Wild Card City
  7. Ozwin Casino
  8. Pokies Parlour Casino
  9. Planet7 Oz
  10. High Country Casino

9.      Play the Game Responsibly

We always encourage players to be responsible when playing the game. Like, don’t drink alcohol and play too many rounds that you end up spending more than you initially planned. It pays to take a step back from playing the game for some rest. You’ll still find the casino game when you come back but don’t compromise your health for money.

If you think you have a gambling problem and can’t control yourself when playing video poker get in contact with services that can help. You can access such services on the internet.

10. Enjoy Your Wins!

You have followed our instructions of implementing a strategy, having a bankroll amongst other things. Now, you’ve won a game and want to play again. Well, there is nothing wrong with spending your money playing another game or saving it. However, you could also treat yourself and buy anything you want. Maybe go out to your favourite restaurant or purchase clothes. Whatever you decide make it count! Your life doesn’t have to revolve around gambling.