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Haydee Keller | December 4, 2023 | Updated on: May 14th, 2024

Live craps online casinos are a real-time version of craps that is streamed from a casino studio. Players place their bets on a virtual craps table, and a live dealer controls the game. Live craps is a popular casino game that has been played and enjoyed for centuries. Today, with online casinos, players can enjoy a variety of craps games, including live craps. The live format of online craps is played in the same manner as online craps, whereby players place bets and roll the dice, then wait on the outcome of the dice or series of rolls.

Playing live craps on your computer or phone gives you the excitement of a real casino. It’s like online gambling, but you also get to interact with live dealers and other players. Let’s find out what makes live craps so popular among online gamblers.

Best Online Live Craps Casinos

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18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – $7,500 Bonus + 500 Free Spins. This bonus only applies for deposits of $20 or higher! 97% Payout.
$5,500 Bonus + 125 Free Spins
$20 Min Deposit
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18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – $10,000 Bonus. This bonus only applies for deposits of $30 or higher! 99% Payout.
$3,000 Bonus + 300 Free Spins
$20 Min Deposit
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18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – $3,000 Bonus. This bonus only applies for deposits of $20 or higher! 98% Payout.
$750 Bonus + 200 Free Spins + 1 Bonus Crab
Minimum Deposit: $15
98% Win Rate
18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – up to $750 + 200 Free Spins + 1 Bonus Crab Bonus. This bonus only applies for deposits of $15 or higher! 98% Payout.
$750 Bonus + 200 Free Spins
$10 Min Deposit
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18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – $750 + 200 Free Spins Bonus. This bonus only applies for deposits of $15 or higher! 98% Payout.
$5,000 Bonus + 75 Free Spins
$20 Min Deposit
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18+. New players only. Welcome Offer – $7500 Bonus. This bonus only applies for deposits of $10 or higher! 99% Payout.

What is Live Craps?

Live Craps is a fast-paced online live dice game. The game aims to choose the right bet or mix of bets with the roll of a dice to predict the outcome. The online craps live version maintains the thrill of a real game, impressing devoted Craps fans while also offering easy-play options for new players.

Improve your gaming experience with our online live craps game. Whether you’re a seasoned craps enthusiast or a curious newcomer, our interface and built-in tutorial ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. For those seeking a simplified approach, the ‘Easy Mode’ option highlights the most straightforward craps bets. Ignite your luck with online craps in a live format and enjoy the uniqueness of playing live and online.


Benefits of Live Craps Online

Nervous about trying real-money online craps live? Live craps offers a blend of the excitement and convenience of traditional craps with the features of online gaming. Here’s a closer look at the key benefits that make playing live craps online an appealing choice for players of all levels.


Online Live Craps maintains its authenticity by featuring real dice and expert dealers who bring the real-life casino feel right to your screen. High-quality cameras capture every moment of the game including the outcome of the roll, while the expertise of the dealers adds to the realism. This experience is a must for players seeking the traditional charm of craps without leaving their homes. From classic pass-line bets and come bets to more strategic proposition bets, the possibilities are endless.

Wide range of betting options

Another advantage is that online craps in a live format offers a wide range of betting options. Players can choose from various bet types, including pass line bets, come bets, and proposition bets, just like they would at a physical casino. This variety allows players to tailor their betting strategy according to their preferences and increases their chances of winning.

Social Interaction

Live craps is more than just a game; it’s a social gathering. Players get to share their excitement about the game with fellow players through the live chat function. This sense of community fosters a sense of togetherness and amplifies the overall experience.


With live craps, there’s no room for doubt. Witness the dice rolls in real-time, eliminating any concerns about randomness or manipulation. This transparency appeals to players who prefer tangible elements in their gaming experience, ensuring that fairness is paramount.


Live Online Craps is played anywhere if you have an internet connection. Players can play from their homes, offices, or even on the go. This flexibility makes live craps a convenient option for players with busy schedules or those who may not have easy access to land-based casinos.

How to Play Online Craps Live

Playing online craps live is a breeze with this comprehensive guide. Live craps is known for its straightforward gameplay, making it accessible for newcomers. Follow these simple steps for captivating gameplay.

Step 1: Create Your Account

Begin by creating an account, a process typically taking less than five minutes. Provide your username, password, email address, phone number, and date of birth. To engage in real-money play, visit the site’s banking section, make your initial deposit, and choose your preferred payment method.

Step 2: Play Live Craps Online

Once your account is set up, click on the live casino tab, which is found on the category section of the main online casino. Within the lobby, tabs categorize games; select the craps game that piques your interest. Seats are plentiful, so choose any table that suits your fancy. Select your preferred dealer and betting stakes.

Step 3: Rolling the Dice and Play Live Craps Online

Upon joining a game, new players typically assume the role of the shooter at the start of each round. The shooter can maintain this position for multiple rounds. To place your bets, click on the corresponding spot on the betting layout. All players, including the shooter, place their wagers by placing chips in the designated areas.

 Live Craps Versions

Playing online craps live games with real money can be tricky for beginners. There are lots of different bets, and it might not be very clear at first. But live casino games are a good place to learn without using real money. They usually have low betting limits, so it’s easy for people with different budgets to join in. Players can start by playing simplified craps, and crapless craps and advance to high-point craps for experienced players.

  1. Simplified Craps: The typical craps experience, Simple Craps adheres to the standard rules and regulations. Simplified Craps is regarded as the most popular version online, often the default choice when selecting a random craps game.
  2. Crapless Craps: This variation introduces a significant twist. When players place Pass/Don’t Pass or Come/Don’t Come bets, rolling a Craps (2, 3, or 12) doesn’t result in a loss. Due to its perceived profitability for players, many Australian online casinos refrain from offering Crapless Craps.
  3. Simplified Craps: Designed for ease of play, Simplified Craps involves a single dice roll. Players aim for an outcome of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, or 12 to win. Conversely, rolling a 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 results in a loss

Tips for Playing Online Craps Live

Consider these tips when playing live craps online. Following this guide might give you a competitive advantage over others and boost your chances of winning.

  1. Understand the Basics: Familiarize yourself with the betting options, the concept of the point, and the different outcomes of dice rolls.
  2. Manage Your Bankroll: Have a clear budget for your craps sessions and stick to it. Divide your bankroll into smaller units and set limits for each betting session and avoid overspending.
  3. Start with Simple Bets: As a beginner, focus on straightforward bets like Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line, which offer lower house edges compared to proposition bets. These bets involve predicting whether the shooter will or will not roll a specific combination before rolling a seven.
  4. Use Odds Bets: Odds bets are side bets placed behind Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bets, offering more favourable odds than the original bets.
  5. Consider Progressive Betting Systems: Progressive betting systems, such as the Paroli or Labouchère system, involve increasing or decreasing bet sizes based on the outcome of previous rolls.
  6. Embrace the Social Aspect: Live dealer craps offer a unique social experience with other players. Engage in friendly conversations, share tips, and enjoy the camaraderie that live dealer games provide.
  7. Practice Responsible Gambling: Gambling should always be a form of entertainment, not a means to solve financial problems. Prioritize your well-being, seek help if necessary, and adhere to responsible gambling guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

Playing Live Craps on Mobile

Play live dealer craps on the go with any smart mobile device. There is very little difference between playing on your desktop and a mobile device. The players still get high-quality video streaming that captures every detail of the game, including the dealer’s actions to the dice rolls. The live chat option remains available for both the player and the live dealer to interact with each other.

Live Craps FAQs