Minister Explores European Models for Total Gambling Ads Ban

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In recent discussions, the Communications Minister of Australia, Michelle Rowland, engaged with European regulators to explore the potential implementation of a total ban on gambling advertisements. This proactive approach signals a significant step in the ongoing efforts to address the pervasive impact of gambling-related harm in Australia.

Insights from Belgium and UK Regulators on Total Ban on Gambling Ads

Australia has been dealing with the negative impact of gambling for a long time. People are worried about how gambling ads affect vulnerable groups. Some are suggesting a complete ban on these ads to help. Minister Rowland talked to European regulators to learn more about their strict rules. A meeting with the Belgian Gaming Commission showed how effective a ban on gambling ads can be. This could be an important step in reducing the harm caused by gambling in Australia.


Rowland also scheduled a recent meeting with the UK Gaming Commission. This regulatory body is presently deliberating on proposals to limit poker machine deposits to a mere $2 per spin and to implement affordability checks prior to allowing individuals to engage in gambling activities. The discussions highlight ongoing efforts to address gambling-related concerns and promote responsible gaming practices.

A spokesperson for the Minister said that the Albanese government is working hard to reduce the negative impact of online betting. They also thanked the British and Belgian regulators for helping them understand how to deal with these issues better.

Belgium imposed a ban on gambling ads across multiple media platforms. Furthermore, they set a weekly deposit cap of $200, only adjustable after customer safety assessments.

Surprising Developments and Advocacy Reactions

The Minister’s proactive engagement with European counterparts has caused surprise and intrigue among advocates for gambling reform in Australia. This initiative implies a potential change in policy direction, renewing hope for more effective measures against gambling-related harm.

It signals a shift in strategy that could potentially lead to significant improvements in gambling regulation and harm reduction efforts. This signals a shift, especially given previous doubts about the government’s commitment to implementing such a ban.

Lauren Levin, representing Financial Counselling Australia, has extensively analyzed the Belgian model and advocated for its implementation in Australia. She expressed hope that the Minister’s meeting would further strengthen her resolve to tackle issues related to gambling harm.

Rowland looked to the meeting to strengthen resolve in tackling issues surrounding gambling harm in Australia. The minister looked to the meeting to strengthen resolve in tackling issues surrounding gambling harm in Australia.

Tim Costello from the Alliance for Gambling Reform, who has campaigned for a gambling ad ban, welcomed the Minister’s engagement with Belgian regulators, highlighting Belgium’s stringent regulations.


The dialogue initiated by Minister Rowland with European experts represents a pivotal moment in Australia’s journey towards enacting meaningful reforms in the realm of gambling advertising. By leveraging insights from global counterparts, policymakers can chart a course towards a safer, more responsible gambling environment for all Australians.