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How to Play Bingo Online Australia

free online bingo gamesOriginally Bingo was a game enjoyed at private hall events. While Bingo may hold the perception of being a game played by seniors, Bingo has become a fun and popular game that anyone can play. No longer limited to private hall events or age groups, players can access and play real money Bingo games at Top Australian online casinos.

We have created this guide with all the rules and game styles you need to know before playing. Bingo is a relatively easy game to play; it takes only a few moments to learn to play before becoming a master. Players will need to learn and understand how the winning lines are created and when to call Bingo to claim the win for the active round.

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A Step-By-Step to Playing Bingo Online:

  1. Pick a safe Australian casino from our list of recommended sites above.
  2. Players must then purchase a card, also called a ticket. The Bingo Ticket has a grid filled with pre-selected numbers on it.
  3. Once cards have been received, the game is underway, and the dealer, also known as a caller, will begin to reveal the numbers drawn randomly to the players.
  4. Pay special attention to the revealed numbers for marking. Some games will automatically mark the corresponding number, or you may choose to mark it for yourself. When you hear a number called by the caller, make sure it’s marked on your card to ensure you don’t miss the win.
  5. Variation-dependent, players will aim to complete a line, shape, pattern, or combo of the three. The winner is the first player to achieve the required winning shape/pattern(s).

How to Play Bingo

Learn How to Play Online Bingo

As with all games, Bingo has more than one variation. Players can find various rules for play, making the game more interesting and increasing the chances of building a winning Bingo combination. Players will typically receive a card with 15 numbers which will hold values within a defined range.

Types of Online Bingo

When playing Bingo Online, Players will encounter four variations of Bingo that use different number set sizes. They will be as follows:

Traditional 75 Ball Bingo

This style of Bingo is played with cards that present values in a 5×5 grid with a maximum total of 25 random numbers with values between 1-75. Players can purchase multiple cards, known as a Bingoticket. You can also swap cards if you don’t like the range of numbers on a particular card.






1 – 1516 – 3031 – 4546 – 6061 – 75


The Word “BINGO” is present on these cards to make it easier for players to locate numbers. Players will find a set number range for each letter displayed, as shown above. Any random value from that range will always be found under the corresponding letter on any Bingo card. Players will find a free space under the letter O, which fills in to complete a winning line or shape.

Bingo Pattern

90 Ball Bingo

This variation of Bingo is played with numbered balls ranging in value from 1 – 90. Players receive a card 18 rows long and nine columns wide. The entire card is known as a strip and holds a total of six Bingo game blocks called tickets. Each ticket is played within the confines of the block size, which is 3 rows long and 9 columns wide.

Bingo Patterns
The player’s goal is to build a horizontal line of 5 numbers in a row on a single ticket to win the round. Players will play all 6 tickets on the sheet in one game of Bingo. When playing online Bingo, the numbers drawn will be automatically marked on the correct ticket on the sheet.

Once a player has completed a line, they will continue the round until someone finishes two lines on one ticket, and lastly, a full house which is three lines of five on one ticket.

80 ball Bingo

This variation of Bingo is played with numbered balls ranging in value from 1 – 80. The card players receive for this variation is a 4×4 grid presenting a total of 16 randomised numbers.

Each column holds a specific range of values.

Column 1 – Values between 1 – 20.
Column 2 – Values between 21 – 40.
Column 3 – Values between 41 – 60.
Column 4 – Values between 61 – 80.

Players can match for a host of winning combinations in different variations of 80 ball Bingo. We cover them below.

Line and House

Players aim to be the first to win a consecutive line of four numbers and then play on to achieve a full house win.

Full House

This is when players complete four lines across all four columns.

Corners Only
Players complete the card by having all four corner values of the card called out in the game.

Full House Only

Players aim to be the first to complete the entire card, also called a ticket, with no numbers remaining. All other shapes or lines are not counted.

Speed Bingo – 30 Ball Bingo

Like a smaller version of 75-ball Bingo, this variation is played with 30 balls numbered with values between 1 – 30. Players receive a ticket with a 3×3 grid with randomised numbers in each square between the value of 1 – 30. The ticket keeps the value ranges of the numbers in each specific column

Column 1:            1 – 10
Column 2:            11 – 20
Column 3:            21 – 30

Players aim to cover all the numbers in the 3×3 grid, meaning they need a total of 9 numbers to win any given round of Speed Bingo. The first person to do this wins the round, and a new round will begin with a new ticket.

Pattern Variations in Online Bingo

online bingo games

With all the different variations of Bingo, players can expect to find multiple ways to play and win. Each game will have its own goal or shape and may have multiple ways to win within the same round.

Players may even encounter different winning rules to bring more excitement to the game. These variations of playstyles and shapes will drastically affect the size of winnings in the game as well but may make it more challenging to do so.

The different shape variations are covered below.


Lines: There are many different ways to win at Bingo, but one of the most popular is by getting a line – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. In 75-ball Bingo, this would mean having five numbers in a row.

Blackout Bingo: Also Known as a full house. To win a round of Bingo with a blackout, every square on your card must be covered. This pattern is used mostly when playing 30-ball Bingo, as the card is only 3×3. Achieving this in 75-ball or 90-ball Bingo is much harder, but normally comes with a much bigger payout. This type of winning Bingo shape is also more common with online games that offer a progressive jackpot.

T’s: There are many different ways to win a round of Bingo, but one of the most fun and challenging ways is to play with a capital T pattern. To win this way, Players can have the T shape right side up or upside down, with numbers marked along the center row in relation to the top of the T. Another option is to play with a sideways T, with numbers marked across either column on either side. No matter how you orientate it, it’s always a fun and challenging way to play the game.

U’s: With this shape variation, players must complete the shape by connecting three lines against the sides of the Bingo card to form a ‘U’ shape. You can also win by marking off the bottom, left-hand side, and top row in a C shape, or the right side, bottom, and top row in reverse to complete a backward C. An upside-down U can also be a winning combination when the top row and both left and right sides are marked.

Square Bingo: In order to win with this shape, players will need to mark off all sides of the Bingo card along the border to form a square border.

Diamond: The two most common diamond shapes in Bingo are known as the small and large diamonds. Small diamonds are created by marking the squares next to the free space in the middle of the Bingo card players will need to have covered the left, right, top, and bottom values. Large diamonds are completed by having their points centered on the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the border on the Bingo card.

Broken Picture Frame: The object of this shape is to cover specific squares on your card. Players will mark off all 4 corners and middle squares along the top, bottom, left, and right sides of their cards. The rest of the squares can be left unmarked as they do not form part of the shape.

Australian Online Bingo FAQS

Here is some information for some of the most frequently asked questions for Online Bingo.