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Michael | December 25, 2023 | Updated on: June 20th, 2024

Absolute Super Reel slot is an interesting hybrid slot that came from iSoftBet.  This progressive slot game offers players five reels and a progressive jackpot, however, this is not your typical five-reel slot machine.  The game offers players decent visuals and an intriguing concept.  The Joka decided to review the side game to see if it really worth checking out. 

Absolute Super Reels Gameplay

On the face of things, Absolute Super Reel slot looks likely your typical five-reel slot game. However, it is more of a hybrid between a three and a five-reel slot game.  The first three reels represent your typical slot reels.

The last two reels offer players bonuses and other benefits.  These include free spins, cash bonuses, and multiplier.  The hybrid approach by iSoftbet makes Absolute Super Reels one of the more interesting slot games on market. The minimum bet size is more 0.75 while the maximum bet is 75. There is also a progressive jackpot that players stand to win, but minimum betting requirements apply.

We really enjoyed the way the game played, with the two reels providing various bonuses. We thought this brought an interesting twist to the gameplay. We also found the game to be relatively generous, with frequent small wins.   

Absolute Super Reels Visuals

The game from iSoftBet has decent visuals, but is nothing special.  Most of the symbols are made up of typical slot symbols, like 7s and Bars.

While the symbols on the reels get the job done, the Joka did find them a little dull We like how Absolute Super Reels blends three- and five-reel slots, but we wish they would have put some more effort into making it look more unique than it does.

Slot Review Conclusion

So, after spending some time playing the game, what were the Joka’s final thoughts? Overall, it is an enjoyable game. The combination of classic three-reel slot games, with more modern five-reel titles offers something unique to online casino players. It’s not perfect, but the two bonus reels add a lot of fun to the title. If you enjoy three reels, playing Absolute Super Reels is a must for you.

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